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Do Locks Solve or Create Problems?

08/13/2014 Back To Blog

It goes without saying that deadbolt installation is supposed to solve problems and not create new ones. But does it? Do locks make our lives better or simply create more problems? It might sound odd but sometimes door locks can create more issues than the ones they solve but it's hardly their fault. In most cases, we are responsible for locks that aren't protecting us right and instead, giving us trouble. After all, we are the ones who take decisions and have the responsibility to see that lock installation is done properly and our families have the right protection. But do we do it right?


Whose fault is it regarding lock problems?


The main purpose of security door locks is to protect. We install them to keep out intruders and protect our loved ones and valuables; otherwise, we would just keep our doors wide open as did our fore-fore-fathers some hundred or so years ago. In fact, the need for greater and more reliable locks gets higher over the years since crime gets worse. For this reason, we also notice that dead bolts are better today and the whole lock industry is developing very rapidly. Consequently, someone will easily draw the conclusion that locks do help us maintain secure homes.Do Locks Solve or Create Problems?


No one denies the capacities of new bolts but if this is so then why do we experience lock issues often? The answer is simple and the finger points at us. We are responsible for our problems – at least most of the time. When we are called to take care of security issues, we fail to remember their importance and sometimes we make poor choices. The problem with most people is that they don't pay attention to such important matters until they get in trouble. Then they might change their mind, along with their old lock.


Though, the question is not only whether lock change will take place at the right time but is also involves making the right choices. Selecting first grade security locks is tremendously important. Making sure they are installed and repaired properly when small issues pop up is also crucial. Locks create problems only when the wrong ones are chosen for the wrong door or when their needs are neglected. Security matters need responsible actions so that good will prevail.

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