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What do I need to watch for when installing a lock?

Just like any home project, make sure that you are wearing some safety gear before attempting to install anything. Make sure that you also have the right tools for the job, and to have plenty of oil handy to keep the lock from jamming.

My key got bent! What do I do?

This sometimes happens when the material in which the key was made out of isn’t the hardiest. Locksmith Auburn experts advise that when you have your key repaired, make sure to have a duplicate or two made and ensure that the most durable material was used to create it.

How do I reduce the risk of losing my keys?

You should have a special compartment for them in each bag that you carry with you. If you decide to keep them in your jacket pocket, make sure that they cannot slip out easily. You will benefit from using a heavier and flashier keychain. This will lower the risk of you leaving your keys somewhere.

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