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Fabulous locksmith ideas, tips and suggestions for safe properties.

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Always install locks with care

While this one goes without saying, when it comes to installing locks, experts from Locksmith Auburn advise that you take every precaution. Even a single mistake can lead to all sorts of possible emergencies, which is why you need to take every single step to ensure that you are successful.

Rekeying is better than replacing

While this is normally overlooked when a security system is installed, spending a bit more to ensure that the locking mechanisms can be rekeyed is actually the more economic choice. This is due to the fact that in the event of a break-in, you can simply rekey the locks and get new keys.

Keep the car secured

Your car will be secured when you keep the transponder key close to you and a duplicated one for emergency times. If the keys get stolen, change the locks instead of just having another car key made. So, if someone has your old key, he won't have access.

Get a door viewer to be safe

Opening the door without knowing who is on the other side exactly is dangerous. To be safe, our experts in Auburn advice that you have a door viewer or spy hole installed so you can view who is knocking and be able to decide if it is worth opening the door in the first place.

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