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Understanding The Concept Behind Key Bumping

04/12/2014 Back To Blog

It’s sadly one of the most prolific security threats that have been affecting vulnerable home owners with certain security door locks. It’s actually and unfortunate incident since people get to lose their valuables Understanding The Concept Behind Key Bumpingdespite the fact that they put them under locks and key in the first place. To make matters worse, some insurance companies deny compensation to victims citing that lock bumping does present any proof to them of illegal entry into the premises that wasn’t authorized. This eventually leads to homeowners undergoing losses after they fail to get compensation.

A lot of homes are actually vulnerable. It’s therefore wise to contact professional locksmith in Washington so that they can give you farther details on this and check whether you locks can be bumped. 

How does lock bumping work?

You should note that even though bumping does really exist, it takes a committed professional with character, skill and determination to be able to effectively execute it and open your door. You should also note that there are some professional locksmiths Auburn who are conversant with security door lock or key bumping since they have been utilizing it to unlock house and car doors for clients.

Lock bumping utilizes applied force to certain ‘key bumps’ that make the interior mechanism of the locks which consists of tumblers and pins to displace them. This eventually enables any hey inserted into the hole to effectively turn and unlock the door.

How do I protect my home?

The best and only way to prevent lock bumping is by using other alternative security door locks Auburn such as keyless locks that require passwords. They are however expensive to acquire. You should note that they are actually worth every penny spent on them considering the fact that you’ll permanently be able to secure your valuables with no problems at all. You can also opt to install a sensor alarm. This is highly efficient as it notifies you immediately someone tampers with your door.

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